Association "Rosspetsmash"000

A non-profit organization that unites companies to lobby for the interests of domestic specialized machinery in government bodies, promote their products in the domestic and foreign markets, develop and review technical standards and regulations, resolve issues of modernizing the industry and improving the quality of manufactured equipment and equipment. The Rosspetsmash group includes 216 companies, including manufacturers of agricultural, road-building equipment, components, as well as food engineering companies.

Membership in the Rosspetsmash Association is:

Lobbying the interests of industries on the development of production, exports, stimulating demand, customs and tariff regulation, support for R&D in government bodies and financial organizations. Assistance in the development of domestic mechanical engineering, modernization of the production base and improvement of the quality of products.

Assistance in promoting the products of domestic machine builders in foreign markets. Interaction with export development institutions. Organization of exhibitions, expositions, information stands of Russian manufacturers abroad, business missions in foreign countries, participation in the work of Intergovernmental Commissions, international associations and unions.

Development and examination of international, interstate and national standards, participation in the development and amendment of technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, organization of the work of the TC 284 Technical Committee and its subcommittees.

Issuing more than 200 information products per year, organizing the collection of industry statistics on the Rosspetsmash-Stat Internet portal, attracting the attention of the media and the public to the development of industries, information and PR support for the activities of the Association and its members.

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