Less popular and niche crops will be the focus of the thematic sessions, which will be held as part of the business program of the international specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery AGROSALON. Rye, triticale, durum wheat give way to such crops as corn, sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, soft wheat - the market and export opportunities have long set priorities here. Unpopular grain crops do not pretend to become export crops, however, demand in the domestic market makes farmers pay attention to them.


Moreover, breeders offer modern varieties and hybrids that take these crops beyond the limits of their hitherto known areas of application. The open session "Unpopular but promising grains" will outline the potential for cultivation and constraints on the spread of these crops in crop rotations of farms, highlight issues of agricultural technology, introduce the audience to such a culture as trititrigia, and reveal the secrets of the production of spelled (spelt) in an organic economy.

деловая программа АГРОСАЛОН 2022

The second crop-growing open session - "From fiber to superfood" - will touch upon the issues of growing crops such as flax and hemp, and will indicate their demand both for fiber production and for obtaining oils and seeds. A healthy lifestyle (HLS) is a trend that is gaining more and more adherents in our country. This is confirmed by the growing demand for superfoods - natural products with a high concentration of nutrients. The range of superfoods of domestic origin is expanding.

Amaranth and quinoa from Russian fields are already competing with imported ones, and sorghum is no longer perceived as an exclusively fodder crop. The speakers of the session will highlight the features of the production of these niche crops in their speeches. The cultivation of unpopular grain and niche crops as alternatives to the main export crops will allow domestic farms not only to diversify production, but also significantly expand crop rotations, resist the accumulation of pathogens in soils, and use land and climate resources more efficiently.


The open session "From Fiber to Superfood" will be held on October 4, 2022. The open session "Unpopular but promising grains" will be held on October 5, 2022. More details are available on the AGROSALON exhibition website: agrosalon.ru/project/program.