The nominated machinery was evaluated for compliance with strict criteria: the innovation's practical importance; advantages for enterprise economy and labor resources balance; increased efficiency and improved environment; natural resources conservation; increased soil fertility; impact on safety; and ease of work.

Nineteen new products were awarded 5 gold and 14 silver medals.

The AGROSALON 2020 Innovation Machinery Contest gold medals were awarded to the products of Rostselmash, Amazone, CLAAS, RAUCH, and Väderstad.

Rostselmash Combine Plant was awarded the gold medal for its RSM Night Vision, an infrared night-vision system, which allows for safe increase in the working speed and significant increase in productivity. The parameters of this new product are far above peers.

Amazone received the highest award in the Contest for introduction and application of FertiSpot precision fertilizer metering control and SmartControl automated stripper adjustment in the Precea 4500 air seeder. The new seed separation and metering system combines the advantages of both the ED and the EDX. Thus, very precise metering is possible even at high speeds of up to 15 km/hour.

CLAAS received a gold medal went for its CEMOS AUTOMATIC system, which uses artificial intelligence to configure a combine harvester for all crops in order to achieve optimal results and optimal performance under any harvesting conditions. With the help of AI, a combine harvester independently performs all necessary adjustments on the chassis, the threshing unit, the separation unit, the cleaning mechanism, and the straw chopper.

The RAUCH's AERO GT pneumatic fertilizer spreader with a MultiRate metering system was awarded a gold medal for high-precision distribution of mineral fertilizers regardless of their quality, structure, or ballistic properties. This product pushes the boundaries of the fertilizer distributors' productivity and ensures 23% savings on expensive fertilizers vs. pneumatic or double-disc spreading.

Väderstad’s SeedEye, a seed counting and clogging control system, was awarded a gold medal for ultimate seeding precision and seed opener clogging control and serial production of grain seeders. The unique Seed Eye's sensors are designed to allow recording the amount of seeds flying through the cross section of the seed tube with an incredible accuracy of 0.1%. This is the first system worldwide, which allows grain seeders to determine the quantity of seeds sown per unit area to the nearest one.

Other developments that maximize process improvement but are not innovations, including fourteen prototypes from the following companies, were awarded silver medals:

1. Pegas-Agro LLC

Tuman 3 self-propelled sprayer and spreader

An award for a modern high-performance system for efficient mineral fertilizers and plant protection products application in the shortest agrotechnical terms.

2. Rostselmash Group

RSM Explorer Plus self-driving system

An award for unique hybrid self-driving system that allows for a significant expansion of agricultural machinery capabilities in automatic technical processes regulation and movement trajectory/speed control.

3. Amazone-Werke H.Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG

FDC 6000 with an active substance concentration sensor and a telemetry system

An award for an all-purpose multifunctional trailing unit for liquid fertilizers and plant protection products application, preparation, and transportation.

4. Amazone-Werke H.Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG

Pantera 4503 with an Amaselect Contour Control system

An award for development and implementation of specialty sprayer systems for a high-quality application of plant protection products at high working speeds.

5. Voronezhselmash LLC

Voronezh F13 farm grain dryer

An award for development and implementation of a modular grain dryer design that allows for a significant reduction of assembly and installation time.


Premos 5000 pellet press

An award for development and implementation of an innovative optimization system for all the stages of pellet production with maximum productivity and minimum time and energy costs.

7. Rostselmash Group

RSM Soil Control

An award for an innovative wireless system that allows for remote measurement of soil cultivation or sowing depth and data transmission to the Agrotronic remote monitoring system.

8. Rostselmash Group

RSM Smart Tag

An award for an all-purpose wireless Bluetooth tag that tracks towing and attached implements, indicating their location, status, and hours in service.

9. Amazone-Werke H.Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG

Primera DMC 9001-2C ISOBUS         

An award for a unique technology of simultaneous differentiated seeds sowing and differentiated application of two different types of fertilizers with individual task-based rates.

10. Kverneland Group

Kverneland Knock-on quick wearing parts change system

An award for development and implementation of a system that virtually eliminates forced downtime and significantly reduces labor costs.

11. Kuhn Vostok LLC.

MERGE MAXX 950 belt merger

An award for development and implementation of a unique belt merger concept that allows for a quick adaptation to different working conditions as delicately as possible without reducing productivity.

12. LEMKEN GmbH & Co KG

Koralin 9/840

An award for development and implementation of a new hybrid cultivator concept that combines elements of several tillage implements while observing agricultural production standards.

13. CLAAS Vostok LLC.


An award for development and implementation of a unique tool for differentiated nitrogen fertilizers, growth regulators, or plant protection products application for various crops.

14. Weidemann GmbH

T7035 telescopic loader

An award for implementation of major patented developments aimed at improving the comfort of control, operation, and maintenance.

Models awarded with the Contest medals will be presented at the AGROSALON 2020 exhibition, which be held from October 6 to 9 at the Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow!

The solemn ceremony of awarding medals and honorary diplomas of the Independent Professional Contest for Innovation Agricultural Machinery be held on October 7 as part of the AGROSALON 2020 Exhibition.