Have you made a decision to participate in the exhibition?

You need to fill in Application No. 1 for an unequipped exhibition area and an Agreement for participation in the exhibition, send them by mail or courier service to the Exhibition Directorate, having previously sent copies of them to the Directorate by e-mail.

You can fill in all other Applications and Forms and submit them to the Exhibition Management as required.

Participation in the exhibition on the proposed conditions contained in the documents posted on this website (Application No. 1, the Agreement and other annexes to it) is a public offer. Read carefully the terms of this public offer and if you do not agree with any point or you do not understand any point, you have the right to refuse to participate on the offered terms. Signing and sending you Application No. 1 (its copy), in any possible way, is your agreement with all the conditions and your acceptance (acceptance) of this offer.

Managers for exponents

Exhibition rules

Basic requirements and rules of the AGROSALON 2022 exhibition (rus)

Contract for participation in the exhibition

Lease agreement for unequipped exhibition space. The cost of the Agreement and the amount of leased space are determined by the

Application No. 1 Exhibitor

Application for participation in the AGROSALON 2022 exhibition. Includes registration fee and rent of unequipped space.

Application No. 1 Exhibitor (Agrocomponent)

Application for participation in the SPECIAL SECTION of the exhibition AGROSALON 2022 - "AGROKOMPONENT". Includes registration f

Driving directions to Crocus Expo IEC (rus)

Driving directions and exact address Crocus Expo IEC for delivery

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