It is generally accepted that an exhibition is, first of all, an exposition, premieres, events of the business program. But in fact, the exhibition is visitors, because it is organized specifically for them. The guests of the AGROSALON exhibition are unique and deserve special attention. Let's get to know them! Among the visitors of AGROSALON in 2020, the most numerous category was the producers of agricultural products: 60.55%. Distributors of equipment for the agro-industrial complex accounted for 12.49%, components - 7.19%, students - 6.10%.

Approximately the same shares were occupied by guests from the segment of manufacturers - 5.60% accounted for manufacturers of components, 5.58% were manufacturers of equipment for the agro-industrial complex. In addition, the media were noted at the exhibition - 1.92% of the number of visitors, and 0.57% belong to other areas of activity.

фото агросалон 2022

According to the survey, 37.13% of exhibition visitors are managers, and 56.77% are specialists. The most active guests were from the Central Federal District - their share among those who came to the exhibition pavilion reached 45.36%. Among the districts, the Volga Federal District is in the lead - 28.97% and the Southern Federal District - 10.26%. This year, the main visitors of the exhibition were Russians - 96.59%, but among the guests the registration system also noted representatives of 62 countries.

AGROSALON is the main professional platform in Russia for demonstrating innovative technical and technological solutions in the agro-industrial complex, searching for partners, meeting with colleagues, which provides unlimited opportunities for business development. During its existence, the exhibition has become the main event for the country's agricultural engineering, and the events of the business program determine the development of the industry as a whole.