The St. Petersburg Tractor Plant will present to the guests of the AGROSALON exhibition new Kirovets tractors with a unique Agro-Pilot autonomous control system. At the exposition of the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant, visitors will get acquainted with the joint project of the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant and the Russian developer of artificial intelligence systems Cognitive Pilot (Cognitive Robotics LLC). The innovative control system for Kirovets tractors began to be developed in 2021.

The goal of the project is to create a fully autonomous robotic tractor. Development will take several years, and the first stage of development is currently being completed. The task of this stage is the creation of a tractor for precision farming (a tractor with an “autopilot”).

For the first time in Russia, a self-driving system based on the signals of satellite global navigation systems (GNSS) has been created. At the same time, unlike foreign counterparts, Agro-Pilot uses not only coordinates from GLONASS and GPS satellites, but also additionally processes the video stream from the cameras of the machine vision system.


кировец на агросалон

"Agro-Pilot" allows you to significantly increase productivity, reduce operator fatigue, ensure safety and increase productivity. In the second half of 2022, the Petersburg Tractor Plant offers customers who purchase new Kirovets tractors to receive the Agro-Pilot system for free.

For its part, the consumer undertakes to load the tractor according to the agreed work plan and send reports on the operation of the system to the plant, provide representatives of the plant with unhindered access to the tractor and assist in monitoring the operation of the equipment.

After testing, Agro-Pilot will remain the property of the client or will be dismantled by agreement of the parties. At the stand of the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant, visitors will be able to learn more about the new product directly from the company's representatives and immediately place an order.

AGROSALON is the central industry platform in Russia for demonstrating innovative technical and technological solutions in the agro-industrial complex. The exhibition will be held from 4 to 7 October in Moscow at the IEC "Crocus Expo" in a full-fledged format and will demonstrate the entire range of machinery, components and equipment for working in the field.

кировец на агросалон