One of the most experienced companies in Russia in the field of precision farming solutions, Kalina Agro, at the AGROSALON 2022 exhibition, will present its most advanced developments and unique Trimble precision farming solutions implemented in 2022, as well as completely new products in its line of equipment. Kalina Agro has been developing the Trimble brand in various regions of our country for 11 years, expanding the capabilities of agricultural enterprises every year, introducing innovative projects. Specialists prepared for visitors of the exhibition their new projects implemented in 2022, in which the already familiar driving systems are supplemented with new advanced functions.

So, what interesting things will the company show us this year? There are many solutions, and they cover every production cycle of the farm: sowing row crops and vegetables, spraying, harvesting and the operation of heavy tractors. Guidance lines perfectly complement the usual work of the Autopilot - the technique works according to a previously developed route system, minimizing unnecessary passages and wedges, completely eliminating errors inherent in the human factor.


Kalina Agro supplemented the traditional sowing of row crops with new options. On the example of a real model of the sowing section of the Väderstad seeder, you will understand how to increase or decrease the seeding rate in different zones, and at the intersection of an already sown section of the field, see how the system automatically turns off the sections. Kalina Agro will show its new solutions in optimizing the hybridization areas for growing seed material - such projects have been developed specifically for seed farms. For example, sowing different seeds at different time periods, inter-row cultivation and spraying in the required technical track.


Work with vegetable crops is often associated with drip irrigation systems. At the booth you will see how to accurately cut the beds for planting and sow vegetable crops while laying a tape for drip irrigation with an accuracy of 0 to 2.5 cm. Using real farm examples, you will learn how to set up and optimize the entire process of your combine harvester fleet, not only using auto-steering systems, but also supplementing them with several more useful features.


For example, by adding a system of guidance lines that clearly divide the field area into ruts along the width of the header. The solution allows any number of combines to work, absolutely independent of each other, without looking back at colleagues and their technical stops - the entire field is already divided into the necessary lanes. Also, combines now see each other on the monitor using a synchronization system and, in any difficult conditions, unload crops on the go using a tractor with a reloading hopper.

You will also learn how you can intelligently distribute fertilizer to fertile areas and increase the profitability of the entire production process with the help of differentiated application of plant protection products and yield monitoring, as well as how you can easily combine the regular functions of your sprayer with the most effective solutions for precision farming. Such as auto-guidance, crop protection application and boom height control, variable application, as well as how you can plan the routes of movement of any equipment.

What about new products? At AGROSALON 2022, Kalina Agro is presenting for the first time a new direction in its activities - UAVs of the well-known DJI brand. Unmanned platforms today allow agricultural enterprises to solve many problems and improve processing efficiency by obtaining information about the state of cultivated crops in real time. Visitors will be able to choose an individual solution designed to increase productivity and optimize the operation of specific equipment on the farm by visiting the Kalina Agro stand - 2 Pavilion, stand E.3.20.