The AGROSALON exhibition announces the launch of a new unique competition "STAR AGROSALON", where the best examples of equipment will be awarded gold and silver stars.

All companies exhibiting at the AGROSALON exhibition can take part in the competition. This is an excellent opportunity not only to present your company to a wide audience of professionals, but also to receive well-deserved industry recognition.

Techniques, equipment and components whose innovative characteristics provide them with an impressive advantage over their analogues on the market will be able to shine in the field of the agricultural industry.

The assessment will cover a number of key aspects, including originality and innovation, as well as the availability of similar solutions in the Russian and global markets.

Special attention of experts will be focused on significant changes in machines, equipment or their components that affect the improvement of functionality and production processes.


Factors such as increasing energy efficiency, environmental safety, economic feasibility, optimization of labor resources, and improving working conditions and safety will also be considered.

In addition, the contribution to the efficiency of the agricultural industry and the degree of influence on the program for the substitution of imported goods in Russia is assessed. Don't miss the opportunity to become the best!

Become a participant in the AGROSALON-2024 exhibition and take part in the STAR AGROSALON competition! One of the stars of this competition may be your technique or development, which deserves fame and admiration!

Bring your innovations to a wide audience, gain recognition from the professional community, and open up new horizons for your business.

*For detailed information about the competition and conditions of participation, read the STAR AGROSALON section or contact our specialists by phone +7 (495) 781-37-56.